Relationships don't always live up to our expectations.


The experiences we have in relationship with other people can often leave us with feelings and emotions that are difficult to process.  Through my work with a local domestic abuse charity I have gained considerable experience with helping people to make sense of past relationships and to move forward with courage and confidence.  I would welcome an enquiry from you if you would like to talk to someone about your experiences in an abusive relationship.

I also welcome enquiries from adults who have experienced abuse as a child.  Abuse and trauma in childhood can often be at the root of difficulties we experience as an adult.  I understand how difficult this may be to talk about and I can offer you a space to gently explore your emotions.


 I will always respect your boundaries and will never push you to talk about things you're not ready to share.  My work is always client-led and will be done at your pace.



"If one has courage, nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

Maya Angelou